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The international shipping declaration agent with good reputation and high efficiency - Guangzhou Huiliang Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is a legal business unit that is approved by the state and specializes in logistics services. The company's main business is: shipping LCL, FCL export business, bulk cargo transportation business and supporting agent booking, customs declaration, inspection, trailer, warehousing and other services. Through the young and capable staff team and the modern scientific management operating system, we provide one-stop international logistics services to our customers with accurate time, fast speed, convenient procedures, reasonable price, excellent reputation and reliable strength. Relying on the comprehensive, multi-functional and diversified freight service system that has been built, we will provide safe, accurate, fast and convenient logistics services for domestic and foreign customers with the enterprise tenet of “excellent service, cargo owner first”. Has established a good corporate image and service reputation among our customers.

Customs deadline

The deadline for customs declaration refers to the time limit for the consignee or his agent to declare customs to the customs after the goods are delivered to the port.

According to the provisions of the Customs Law, the period of customs declaration for imported goods shall be 14 days from the date of declaration of entry of the means of transport, and the consignee or his agent shall declare to the customs; the imported goods shall be declared to the customs at the place of entry within 14 days. In addition, it shall also report to the customs of the referee within 14 days from the date of arrival of the means of transport carrying the imported goods.

If the customs declaration exceeds this deadline, the customs will levy a demurrage. International shipping declaration agent
Export goods should be declared to the customs 24 hours before the goods are loaded into the transport. In other words, it should be declared first and then loaded.

The goods must be loaded into the transport after 24 hours of customs clearance.

Imported goods require the deadline for customs declaration and the collection of demurrage funds in order to use administrative means and economic means to prompt the import consignee or its agent to declare in time, speed up port evacuation, and enable imported goods to be put into production and use as soon as possible. Tianhe professional customs agency

The deadline for customs declaration of export goods is to ensure the inspection and supervision of the export goods by the customs and to ensure that the goods are transported and exported in time.

Customs declaration procedure

All procedures for customs declaration are divided into declaration, inspection, and declaration of import and export goods.
Import and export goods collection and delivery, or their agents, in the import and export of goods, within the time limit prescribed by the customs, fill in the import and export goods declaration form in accordance with the format prescribed by the customs, accompanied by relevant freight and commercial documents, Provide documents to approve the import and export of goods and declare to the customs. The main documents for customs declaration are as follows:

Import goods declaration form. Usually fill in duplicate (some customs require the number of customs declarations to be three). The customs declaration form should be accurate, complete, and clear in writing. You can not use pencils. In the various sections of the customs declaration, where the customs stipulates that there are statistical codes, as well as the tariff code and tax rate, the customs declaration staff fills in the red pen; each customs declaration Four items shall be reported in a single limit; if it is found that there is any situation or other circumstances that need to be changed, the change order shall be submitted to the customs on an active and timely basis. International shipping declaration agent

Export goods declaration form. Usually filled in duplicate (some customs require three). The filling request is basically the same as the import goods declaration. If it is not actively and timely changed due to incorrect reporting or need to change the content of the report, the customs clearance will occur after the customs declaration, and the customs declaration unit shall go through the correction procedures to the customs within three days.

Freight and commercial documents submitted with the customs declaration. Any import and export goods passing through the customs must submit the relevant customs and customs documents to the customs at the same time as the completed customs declaration, and accept the customs to check whether the documents are consistent, and the customs will review and stamp the seals. As a voucher for the withdrawal or shipment of goods. The freight and commercial documents submitted with the customs declaration are: seaborne import bill of lading; seaborne export bill of lading (required by the customs declaration unit); land and air waybill; goods (the number of copies is less than the customs declaration, Customs declaration unit seals, etc.; packing list of goods (the number of copies is equal, the seal of the customs declaration unit is required). International shipping declaration agent
It should be noted that if the customs deems it necessary, the customs declaration unit should also submit the trade contract, the order card, the certificate of origin and so on. In addition, goods that enjoy reduction, tax exemption or exemption from inspection shall be applied to the customs.
Dongguan Changxing Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in import and export freight services of “China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan” (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan ←→Hong Kong, Taiwan), providing bulk cargo transportation and express mail import in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. International shipping, international bulk shipping and other services.
Our company mainly deals with the self-raising, delivery, warehousing and other goods of Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan, and handing over the goods with special requirements for the processing. Our company received the express mail on the same day, and went to Hong Kong and Macao the next day. The whole process (loading, unloading and dispatching from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) was operated by the company, which effectively ensured the safety and timeliness of the goods. We can provide several kinds of medium and Hong Kong tons of vehicles (3 tons - 15 tons) and various types of container vehicles (20', 40', 45' cabinets), ready to serve you. In this way, we will assist your company to cope with the fierce competition and the changing market.
Our company has a good competitive advantage in the market and high-quality peer-to-peer services, providing you with the following conveniences while ensuring safety, legality and efficiency:
1, the procedure is simple - as long as the goods are delivered to our company, all other procedures are handled by our company
2, safe and worry-free - regular express declaration, absolutely safe and secure
3, reasonable cost - provide a variety of price options for customers to choose, and provide a full package price per kilogram (including freight, taxes, fees, etc.)
4, speed express - some lines can provide a variety of programs, China and Hong Kong goods delivery on the day of delivery, normally arrived the next day
5, professional operation - our operators are all senior logistics personnel, with a minimum of 3 years of experience, to provide you with better service and more professional services.















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